Genya 600

Genya 600

Bridge Saws
The very popular Worthy bridge saw has been restyled and upgraded with new technologies to create the Genya, which enters the market as the most advanced monobloc CNC bridge saw. This 5-axis CNC bridge saw has a 360° revolving head and is very adaptable. Since the Genya’s shoulders and base are connected as a monobloc bridge saw, requiring no foundations, it allows fabrication shops to relocate it in the future ergonomically and economically. The spindle's ability to maneuver around the table produces matchless speed and accuracy while cutting, guided by a laser tracer, and followed by inclined diamond blades making miter, plunge, and step cuts effortlessly. The vacuum system lets CNC operators pick up and maneuver slabs on the workbench as needed. The Genya vacuum is situated behind the cutting blade, which allows a CNC operator to keep a drill bit on the spindle, rapidly improving productivity and machining efficiency.
Bridge Saws
A tilting workbench is also available upon request to improve the ergonomics of your fabrication shop. The Genya’s user-friendly software interface is easy to use and can be operated on different sophistication levels. The “Fast and Easy” level allows the CNC operator to quickly and easily carry out all simple cutting operations using the color touchscreen. With the “Professional” level, the CNC operator can program more complex cutting and shaping operations. The control console is equipped with a joystick to easily move the several machining axes. This machine has every specification needed for every modern kitchen top fabricator.

Exceptional Details:

- Continuous C axis movement
- Laser cutting path tracer 
- Automatic tilting disc from 0° to 90°
- Inverter on the motor/spindle  
- 1/2" gas connection for fixing the core  
- Internal water passage to the spindle 
- 45° cutting blade thickness sensor with continuous automatic correction of cutting dimensions
- Camera in a fixed position to photograph the entire plate with a single click 
- Suction cup dispenser and optimization software with automated nesting to exploit slabs 
- Electronic control of the blade diameter
- Special rubber bench cover to facilitate processing ceramic materials
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