Breton Vein Matching

Programming the cutting of slabs by coupling different slabs and matching the veining is now extremely simple through the new Breton Vein Matching software.

apable of simultaneously managing up to 8 slabs, this software offers a 3D image of the project starting from the project’s 2D drawing in DXF format. This allows operators to visualize the final appearance of the project before beginning cutting processes. 

Different materials and thicknesses can be used at the same time to prepare alternative solutions of the same project, which may then be compared 
through the software before beginning operations.

Breton Vein Matching allows you to continuously view the final result even during its creation, and also to carry out modifications while working; this means maximum flexibility and ability to evaluate the highest possible range of available combinations and effects.

Vein Matching on a CNC in 7 Steps

1. Project import
2. 3D processing
3. 3D layout composition
4. Slabs selection from database
5. Slab positioning 
6. Slab positioning accuracy check
7. Final view export to be proposed to the client

1. Project Import

Breton Vein Matching Software Tutorial Steps
Import 2D project files from any CAD environment in DFX format.

2. 3D Processing

Breton Vein Matching Software Tutorial Steps
A 3D version of the various pieces included in the project will be generated from the files imported.

3. 3D Layout Composition

Breton Vein Matching Software Tutorial Steps
Lay out each 3D component to be manufactured as they would appear in the desired room.

4. Slabs Selection from Database

Breton Vein Matching Software Tutorial Steps
Slab selections are saved in a storage system under the name “Magazine”, where one can easily select which component to work with.

5. Slab Positioning

Breton Vein Matching Software Tutorial Steps
The operator positions parts of the slabs into the different spaces already laid out, rotating or using different pieces of the slabs for different looks.

6. Slab Positioning Accuracy Check

Breton Vein Matching Software Tutorial Steps
Thanks to real-time processing, the operator can assess and adjust the finished result of the project in accordance with the desired bookmatch veining effect, by modifying positioning, dimensions, colors, shades, and other details.

7. Final View Export to be Proposed to Client

Breton Vein Matching Software Tutorial Steps
At the end of the development phase, the final view’s layout may be exported and shown to the client for final evaluation.

CNC Software Training

Training is provided to fabrication shops and CNC operators with every Breton USA software installation. 

Breton technicians will travel to fabrications shop for training purposes until the operators feel comfortable and knowledgeable on the processes of the software. Breton USA provides its customers with the best resources and tools necessary for shops to get the most out of their new equipment. 

Vein Matching in Fabrication Shops

Fabrication shops such as Lesher Natural Stone love the Breton Vein Matching software, and has helped them improve their production times as well as allowing them to create more intricate projects.

“We are doing more complicated custom work now with the software and machine. Jobs that used to take 1 hour are done now in 15 minutes” - Frank Lesher.

Learn more about their experience with the CNC Vein Matching software. 

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