Combi: The Monoblock Sawjet

Sawjet Bridge Saw Waterjet Features
The Breton Combi sawjet is the monoblock 5-axis stone cutting machine that combines saw and waterjet to perform a wide range of slab processing.

Breton Combi performs a variety of complex processes even on ultra-thin slabs, including vertical, inclined, rectilinear and/or curvilinear cuts. This machining center minimizes waste and maximizes profit through its design and various features.

Monoblock Structure - The Combi sawjet has no foundations, resulting in a faster installation process and start to operations. 

Breton Touch Breton Touch is the software equipped in the machine that will automatically suggest best cutting trajectories to optimize slab usage. 

Sawjet Technology Saw and Waterjet are equipped on the same spindle, and in result will only function one at a time: this combination lets fabricators decide which operation is best for their projects. 

Sawjet Features

Sawjet Bridge Saw Waterjet Features
- Optima Vacuum Cups - Equipped on the machine's spindle to guarantee safe placement of pieces during the cutting process.

- LabelPro - Automatic labelling system on the spindle to optimize tracking of slabs through barcodes or QR codes. 

- MiterWave Hardware/Software package for perfect execution of 45 degree cuts on slabs that are not flat.

- Workbench - This workbench is equipped with a tilting system, allowing for easy, quick, and safe loading of slabs.

- Fixed Camera - Allows to take pictures of whole slabs in a single snapshot.

- Low Ceiling Feature - This feature accounts for low ceiling height and allows for the fixed camera to be adjusted in hight while still capturing a wide image of the slabs. 

- Garnet Flow Sensor - If a fault is triggered, the garnet flow will automatically stop current cutting processes to minimize the potential for slab damage.

CNC Machine Software

Sawjet Bridge Saw Waterjet Features
- Miter Board - Software dedicated to maintaining a constant variable during inclined cuts through waterjet cutting functions. 

- Vein MatchingSoftware that creates infinite vein effect by matching the veins of up to 8 slabs simultaneously through slab cutting planning operations. 

- XpressTop Software specifically designed to effectively manage the production cycle of whole kitchen tops: sales, design, inventory, all the way through delivery.

Sawjet Cutting Machine: Learn More

Sawjet Bridge Saw Waterjet Features
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