Ultrix 1200 EVO

Ultix 1200 EVO: High Speed 5-Axes CNC Multitasking Machine

Ultrix 1200 EVO guarantees to double the useful volume by reducing the footprint by nearly 30%. The vertical spindle simplifies the positioning of the workpiece and the tilting table allows for better accessibility, easy cleaning, and removal of the chips by rotating the A-axis. The machine assures excellent dynamics even for high production machining of aluminum parts in simultaneous 5-axes. 
One or two angular heads whose loading/unloading is automatically handled are places on the rear side of the machine. The body of the head is hydraulically locked to the RAM, allowing to transfer the entire torque of the electro-spindle. The tool change is also automatic ensuring significant productivity. 

The working area is entirely covered with stainless steel which makes it lighter, easier to clean and perfectly resistant to wearing caused by chips. All axes are pressurized to prevent infiltrations. 

Significant material removal can be performed thanks to the innovative 600 Nm electro-spindle and hydrostatic RAM. 

Even the dedicated turning bar has been improved allowing it to reach up to 450 mm extension. 

The A-tilting axis is moved by two direct-drive motors and locked with a double brake. At the same time, the table rotates by means of a direct drive motor granting rotation speed up to 45 RPM with a torque of 4500 Nm. 


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