Ultrix: 5-Axis cnc high speed machining center

The Ultrix machines are multitasking 4/5 axis CNC machining centers with a vertical spindle, rotary tilting table, mobile crossbeam, and gantry structure. 

This range includes various models the 800 4-Axis, 800 RT, Ultrix 1000, and 1000 RT HD. 

The table rotates around the C-axis and reaches speeds of 100 rpm for milling operations and up to 1,000 rpm for turning operations.  The A-tilting-axis can reach speeds of up to 50 rpm. 

The linear axes travel at speeds of 60 m/min. As the Ultrix multitask centers offer a number of different machining operations in one center turning, milling, boring, and grinding the downtimes for workpiece repositioning are eliminated.  The vertical design of these Breton machining centers is the ideal solution for machining workpieces with diameters greater than the height of the piece. 
The Ultrix machining centers turn workpieces both horizontally and vertically combined with the tilting motion of axis.  The turning bar with a 150 mm vertical travel and positioned to the side of the vertical RAM makes it possible to turn workpieces with heights greater than travel Z.  This solution allows for the use of very short tools instead of the conventional longer tools which are prone to abrupt jerks when machining and the use of vibration damping bars is limited just to intensive turning operations when machining very hard and resistant materials.  

The Ultrix range can be supplied with tool magazines for holding 30/60/150 or more tools.  It is possible to choose from a wide range of turning and milling spindles.  Milling spindles with S6/S1 rating, 55/48 kW (M300/14), torque 300 Nm in S1, speed 14,000 rpm; 40/40 kW (M100/18), S1 torque 100 NM, and speed 18,00 rpm; or 28/20 kW (M38/28), S1 torque 16 Nm, and speed of 40,000 rpm.  In S1 the milling spindles have an output of 30 kW with a torque up to 2,000 Nm and speeds reaching 1,000 rpm. 
All machining operations can be run and managed in automatic guaranteeing a quality result thanks to the in-process dimensional checks.  This system detects in automatic the dimensions of the workpiece and runs finishing operations in automatic satisfying the required tolerance margins. This significant and important feature further enhances the multitask potential of the Ultrix machining centers, transforming them into a measuring center. 

The Breton machining centers combine and incorporate in a single machine all machining operations; milling, turning, boring, and when rquired grinding.  The versatility and flexibility of the Ultrix range is more than this.  The range of heads and spindles allow operators to rough mill as well as perform high speed finishing operations which require maximum precision and meticulous care. 

The specific machining functions of the Ultrix range substantially reduce production times. Turning operations combined with the table tilting feature allow for workpiece profiling in one single operation eliminating additional machining and at the same time ensuring and guaranteeing a superior quality finish. 

The multitasking machining center

The ideal solution for complex 3, 4, and 5 interpolated axis milling operations combined with other machining requirements  such as vertical and horizontal grinding and turning. 

No workpiece repositioning is required for the various operations as milling, boring, tapping, turning, and grinding various materials such as superalloys, steel, aluminum, and composites resulting in a drastic reduction in machine downtimes. 

The direct drive technology incorporated into these machining centers and gantry drive ensure maximum machine performance and rigidity guaranteeing machining quality and precision.

With the automated pallet changeover system the automatic loading/unloading productivity is increased allowing for precise production planning and scheduling. 


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