Xceeder: Exceeding Your Wildest Expectations

5-axis machine shop machining
August, 10/2018
IMTS 2018, September 10 -15
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McCormick Place Convention Center, Chicago, Illinois
5-axis machine shop machining
This beast is an interpolated 5-axis high-performance vertical metal machining center. It is available in three different sizes and configurations to best meet all your application needs, ranging from tenacious super alloys, to the most complex composite materials. The three versions have maximum working diameters of 900mm, 1,200mm and 1,400mm. They are specifically engineered for machining toothed wheels, impellers, blisks, engine parts, moulds, tools, equipment, alloy wheels and much more. The aerospace, automotive, energy, tool manufacturing and mechanical industries all rely on this machine. It also performs exceptionally well with models and moulds since it can mill ANY material. This CNC machining center tackles difficult and complex jobs that ordinary machines cannot handle.
5-axis machine shop machining
The Xceeder performs precision engineering faster, more accurately, and more powerfully than ever before, thanks to its dependable and durable foundation. Consequently, it produces higher throughput rates thanks to compact dimensions with more rigidness than steel. The Xceeder' structure is made from Metalquartz® technology and absorbs vibrations at a coefficient rate of 10 times greater than cast iron. The base supports a gantry design, interpolated 5-axis spindle that mills steel, titanium, super alloys, and just about any other material you can throw at it with ease.
5-axis machine shop machining
The high-speed and high-performance throughput production from the Xceeder is only possible because of its sound structure.  From Rally Car racing to Formula One Grand Prix racing, the Xceeder can be found in CNC shops that use this machine to mill alloy wheels and other parts for their vehicles. They maximize efficiency and drastically reduce production time.
5-axis machine shop machining
The Exceeder is very, very precise. So much, that it's trusted by the likes of Boeing® and Sikorsky. It’s mono block, rotary tilting table with direct drive makes it a very reliably accurate machine, ideal for the automotive and aerospace industries. The workspace is always in the right spot at the right time to meet the spindle's tool. Its thermal stabilizing system ensures maximum machining precision when operational and production conditions vary. Also, the system uses 4 uniquely different electrospindles that have an integral temperature control unit. A CNC machine operator can vertically mill Titanium, Inconel and many other materials with rotation speeds of up to 40,000 rpm. Lastly, the maximum chip removal capacity creates a cleaner milling surface.
5-axis cnc machine manufacturer
The ergonomics of this machine will improve the productivity of your CNC machine shop. 

All three versions of the Xceeder can be equipped with a 200 position tool magazine giving you countless possibilities of milling options. This allows a CNC operator to be even more hands-off with the machine. It also has an automatic pallet changer saving you time and back pain from carrying the workspace yourself. The dampening power of the Metalquartz thermal stabilizing system not only reduces inertia and increases vibration absorption but guarantees high quality precision with less wear on the tools, increasing longevity and reducing costs.
Innovative Technology
5-axis machine shop machining
The Sentinel software is the brain of the Xceeder’s machining operations. This hub is the complete solution that automatically collects, tracks, and processes the entire production data from machine to monitor in real time. Making reports and graphs with automatic calculations of OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), TEEP (Total Effective Equipment Performance), cycle times and idle times is user friendly and easy. It is highly flexible and easily customizable to meet current and future data collection needs. You can monitor production from multiple locations and access data from anywhere, since everything is stored on a cloud. Real time data collection of the Xceeder’s throughput can be viewed on large TV monitors, smartphones, computers and tablets. It also provides accurate reports of the efficiency of the machine tool during any machining operation creating optimal performance and precision.

As you can see, the Xceeder is built to last, be extremely accurate, and perform exceptionally well. To find out what having this machine in your job shop can mean for your business, please contact us at MachineSales@BretonUSA.com or (941) 960-8753. 


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