Ultrix 1200: Simplified Multitasking

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August, 10/2018
IMTS 2018, September 10 -15
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McCormick Place Convention Center, Chicago, Illinois
A comprehensive solution
The Ultrix 1200 is a 5-axis, gantry structure machining center with a rotary tilting and turning table built to execute precision machining at higher speeds. This CNC machine is used for milling small to large size workpieces, ranging from composites to super alloys. The series configures to three main round table platforms, being 32, 29, and 47 inches in diameter, but the Ultrix 1200 is equipped with the latter. They tailor to various types of operations, such as gears, impellers, blisks, moulds, dies, tools, aerospace projects, and automotive parts. These purposeful workspace configurations allow the Ultrix to contribute to the success of the defense, transportation, and power generation industries. 
We want to simplify machining operations, so your job shop is always running as efficiently as possible. Our automated solutions help us make happy customers. For example, the Ultrix is equipped with an automated pallet changeover system that automatically loads and unloads workpieces allowing for exact production planning and scheduling. Not to mention, a single pallet can withstand up to 1.2 tons of raw milling material.

This CNC machine is very simple and easy to use. It was designed to enhance CNC programming in machine shops across the globe. Full frontal and overhead access were implemented to improve loading and unloading operations. These ergonomic features help CNC machine shops cut down on time spent transporting working materials, creating more machining time.

All machining operations are automatically managed by a dimensional checks system guaranteeing the highest quality results. It automatically detects the dimensions of the workpiece, and runs finishing operations, while satisfying required tolerance margins. Thanks to this feature, the Ultrix family of vertical machining centers dually operates as a measuring center.
Reinforced power
Its dynamic structure gives CNC operators full control over the entire machining process. The gantry structure cross beam is supported by a heavy duty, structurally ribbed platform. Reinforcement comes from heavy duty shoulders constructed of a patented vibration dampening system. The shoulders are made with our Metalquartz® technology in synergy with the direct drive tilting table. With the support it provides, extreme material removal capacities, precision machining, and endless finishes are just a program away at the CNC machinist’s fingertips.

The massive milling RAM and carriage system are also made with Metalquartz technology to deliver the fastest, toughest, and most precise custom fabrication performances a CNC machine can produce. The heavily ribbed and shielded cast iron spindle carriage glides effortlessly on a self-lubricating, reciprocating roller guide system for frictionless travels. These motions provide maximum way surface contact for seamless CNC operations under the highest amounts of feed rate stress. The X and Y axis travels rely on a precisely inclined rack and pinion motion control system with the latest generation of digital AC brushless servomotors, whereas the movement of Z axis comes from a precision ball screw system with a preloaded nut. Simply put, they are built to last, move faster than ever, and the results speak for themselves.
machine metal manufacturing
The CNC machine operator has several options to match their machining requirements. We only supply the highest quality, world class electrospindles that exceed tremendous speeds to our clients. These spindles reach speeds of up to 14,000, 18,000, 28,000, and 40,000 rpm respectively with HSK A63/A100 for milling and CAPTO C6/C8 for matched turning. The high-performance milling heads, in combination with the rotating worktable, puts the machine tool in the correct position time after time.

A CNC machinist can now execute metal processing more efficiently and faster. The Ultrix 1200 caters to OEM and job shop operations providing them with dedicated applications and countless possibilities, regardless of the material their interpolated 5-axis metal fabrication machine is milling. The milling spindles now allow various tool positions and facilitates better changeover from vertical to horizontal turning operations on the same workpiece, optimizing machining operations and tool consumption, and diagonally turn workpieces up to 39 inches.  With such a diverse range of heads and spindles, a CNC machinist can rough mill and perform high-speed finishing operations that require maximum precision and meticulous care.
machine metal manufacturing
Versatility and flexibility
These two characteristics coincide with one another because the Ultrix 1200 is more than a CNC machine. It is an interpolated 5-axis machining center with unrivaled milling performances. The rotary tilting table lets fabricators multitask operations, eliminating the need for additional machining, while guaranteeing superior finishes.

At IMTS 2018 BOOTH 339186, September 10 - 15, we can have our engineers and sales representatives present tell you more about the Ultrix 1200. However, if you want to learn more about this machine before then, please do not hesitate to call us at (941) 960-8753 or email at MachineSales@BretonUSA.com.


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