Preventive Maintenance

June, 23/2017
Preventive Maintenance – Suction Cup Systems
Breton CNC contouring and Optima bridge-saw machines offer advanced technology that allows operators to easily move and process stone pieces via one of three state-of-the-art suction cup systems. Providing regular maintenance on these systems, as detailed below, will help ensure optimum performance and durability for your Breton machine.
Breton’s Three Suction Cup Systems
1. Vacuum Suction Cup System for bridge-saw machines (e.g., Smart-Cut Optima and Worthy Optima)
2. Breton Robocup System (available in all CNC machines)
3. Blick Suction Cup System (available in all CNC machines)
Why Regular Maintenance is Important
Regular maintenance of the suction cup system on your Breton CNC contouring and/or Optima bridge-saw machine can help prevent several key issues that may impact the performance of your machine. Consider the following:

•   Maintaining the suction cup gaskets in good condition will prevent stone pieces from moving on the work table and helps retain the machine’s proper profile on the stone surface.
•   Regular maintenance prevents the suction cups from sucking in and retaining water that can contaminate your machine’s vacuum system, including the vacuum pump, oil tank, and solenoid valves.
•   Routine observation and maintenance of the TOP neoprene gasket on each suction cup assures a good grip for polishing stone surfaces.
•   Monitoring the BOTTOM gasket on each suction cup helps properly secure the cups with the workbench.
Step-by-Step Maintenance for Breton Optima Vacuum Suction Cup Systems
1. Turn the “Maintenance/Work” key selector switch to the “Maintenance” position.
2. Press the “Safety Guards Lock/Release” key.
3. Open the safety guards.
4. Check for any wear on the vacuum pod gaskets.
5. Replace if necessary.
Step-by-Step Maintenance for Breton Robocup and Blick Suction Cup Systems
1. Breton USA recommends inspecting suction cups on these systems 1x/week to check for visible damage and/or wear.
2. For maximum performance, the suction cups should lay flat on the workbench and stone slabs should lay flat on the suction cups.
3. Regularly monitor the wear on gaskets. If there is any noticeable damage, do not hesitate to replace them – ideally once a year.
Additional Maintenance for Breton Robocup Systems
1. Regularly examine the pushing pin for wear. If the pin is cracked or considerably reduced in size, it should be replaced.
2. At least one time every two weeks, inspect the two small holes in the middle, circular section of the suction cups and spray a corrosion-resistant lubricant, such as WD40, in the holes. Then clean the holes with air pressure.
For further questions about maintenance on your Breton CNC contouring and/or Optima machine, please contact our Service Department at: SERVICE@BRETONUSA.COM



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