Preventative Maintenance

February, 23/2017
Preventative Maintenance: Toolstorage in CNC Machine
There are many challenges when working in a maintenance or repair environment.

The tool storage on our CNC is one of the main components you should regularly maintain in order for proper functioning.

Based on the various machine models, there can be different options for tool storage:

•   Carousel
•   Straight Tool Rack
Depending on the type, there are many actions necessary to keep the tool storage in working condition.
Maintenance of The Carousel system
This type of system may have different configurations:

•   It usually has a servo driven motor with a gearbox. The gearbox requires an oil change every 5000 hours of work.
•   Some of the carousels may also have a toothed belt that needs to be regularly inspected and tensioned, (and eventually replaced if necessary).
•   Often there is an infrared sensor that checks the tool presence while the carousel spins. This sensor must be inspected daily to assure that it’s clean (sometimes dirt from the tools can deposit on top of it and obstruct its reading).
•   The external cover that protects the carousel is made of stainless steel. It opens and closes with hydraulic or an air pressurized piston. The piston should be inspected monthly.
•   The tool storage door may have some Teflon guides that need to be cleaned weekly to guarantee a smooth movement of the door.
•   The tool holders (made in plastic or metal) need to be inspected and replaced (if worn) to guarantee the right grip of the tool in the tool’s holder piece.
Maintenance of The Straight Tool Rack system
•   The piston that opens and closes the protecting cover of the tool rack should be inspected monthly.
•   The moving parts of the tool storage should be properly cleaned and lubricated.
•   The plastic tool holders should be inspected and replaced when needed.
•   The sensor on the plastic tool holder requires weekly testing (only for the machines that have this type of plastic tool holders).
On the newest CNC machines, we also introduced a couple of Sonar sensors which check the availability of the storage position before executing a tool change. These durable sensors will require a periodical inspection, since they are subjected to water splashes. Simply clean them with a clean cloth.

We hope this article will be helpful! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the service department at: SERVICE@BRETONUSA.COM


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