Post-Gear Expo 2015

October, 23/2015
Post-Gear Expo 2015
The recent trade show held at the Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan was a great showing for Breton S.p.A. and Breton USA. In attendance representing the Breton USA team we had our National Sales Manager for the Machine Tool Division; Mr. Daniel Rochowiak and our Marketing & Events Coordinator; Mrs. Karla A. Baez Ocasio. Joining them was also one of our best Gear Applications Engineers, coming directly from Italy; Mr. Michele Dalle Carbonare from Breton S.p.A. and our Technical Service Coordinator for the Machine Tool Division; Mr. Guido Voi; who is conveniently stationed in Michigan out of our Detroit office.

This second edition of the biennial Gear Expo show brought so many changes and new technologies, as well as an increased attendance compared to the previous one held in Indianapolis.

Breton’s technology for the Gear Manufacturing industry was extremely well received: from the spectacular videos showing the process of both spiral bevel gears, to the large double helix gear that was on display at the BRETON booth. Noting that this technology is in its beginning stages, there was a lot of head turning with the possibilities that might be had with such a BRETON innovation. This new technology is very unconventional in comparison to existing dedicated processes. However, many interested participants, for the prototype development of gears in low volumes, were extremely intrigued by this new design.

With feedback from client testimonials and more leaps of innovation by the Breton “think tank”, the potential growth for all of the markets related to Machine Tools will continue to expand.

The efforts, dialogue and confidence of all BRETON personnel during this 2015 Gear Expo is sure to have a great impact on future Gear Manufacturing potentials.

Thanks to all that visited with us, we are geared up to assist you in the future.


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