Latest in Technology: SmartFlex

April, 18/2017
Latest in Technology: SmartFlex
The incredible new cutting edge technology on Breton’s SmartFlex is launching Bridge saws to the next level.

The SmartFlex contains the newest CNC cutting center that displays three cutting spindles, one of which is mounted on a rotating head. This rotating head is equipped with workpiece suction cups to optimize the surface area to be cut. The machine also features a belt rotating work bench and twist head.

The SmartFlex was created to expertly cut and shape items of granite, marble, and engineered stone. This machine is the most productive and flexible solution on the market today for fabshops specializing in medium to large series production.

Whether focusing on the building trade or single slab optimization procedure for the furniture sector, such as countertops for kitchen or bathrooms, the SmartFlex is the machine that will get the job done.

What makes this machine even more remarkable, is while operation in single slab optimization (using only the rotating spindle with vacuum lifting tool) the Breton SmartFlex is transformed into a Smartcut Optima.

Breton is thrilled to announce that the first installation of this cutting-edge machine is taking place at Marmo Arredo, in Italy. We are looking forward to hearing how the client enjoys the SmartFlex, and how much it increases productivity for their business.
Watch the SmartFlex in action
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