Client Spotlight: Marques Countertops

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June, 23/2017
Client Spotlight: Marques Countertops
Breton USA Marketing Coordinator, Mrs. Karla Baez Ocasio, recently had the opportunity to talk with Mr. Christopher Marques, Owner of Marques Countertops, for an exclusive interview. Here is what Mr. Marques had to say about his experience owning Breton equipment for his fabrication shop, which is located in Chalmette, Louisiana.
Tell us about your company?
Bridge Saw
We have been in business now for 21 years and are primarily a custom countertop facility with middle to upper end clients. Our costumers generally have wants and needs that go beyond typical countertop applications. They want waterfalls and other elements that have a little more character and a little more individuality, and they want materials like quartz and higher end marbles, and that sort of thing.
Bridge Saw
Because almost everything we do is with digital templates, it’s important for us to have the most precise machines out there. That is why use Breton. We use all of the Breton software and we trust the Breton equipment to manufacture things with precision. Plus, we can use the same system for all of the products we make.
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So we love using Breton equipment. We love the software, and we are very, very happy with the process and the tools that we have at our finger tips to make it all happen. The equipment is easy to operate, and it makes it easy to deliver to our customers the quality that we promise them. I couldn’t be happier.
Who are some of the top clients you work with?
A lot of what we do is through designers, architects, kitchen and bath dealers, and contractors. But probably 90% of that work is with the same 20 people. So the expectation is set. We know what they want, and they know we can deliver the quality they need.

It makes business so much easier when you can develop those sort of wonderful relationships, where our customers don’t have to worry about what we are going to produce and what they are going to get. And I credit that all to the systems we have in place.
How long have you been a Breton USA customer?
To answer that question, let me first give you a little background. About 12 years ago, I was in the market for some new equipment, so I searched out some different manufacturers. At the time, I wanted to go with Breton, but I talked myself out of it and decided to go with a different company. But over the course of a couple of years, we soon realized that the equipment we had purchased from this other company was not going to last very long. There were more problems and bumps in the road than we cared to deal with on a daily basis. So we decided we were going to get rid of all of that equipment and replace it with new stuff.

That second time around I got with Gerry (Breton USA National Sales Manager, Mr. Gerry Van Der Bas), and there was no talking me out of it. We bought all Breton equipment within about an hour, and I’m not going to tell you this, we have never regretted it once. What really separates Breton apart is how they handle any problems and issues. They are very good about answering our calls, getting us parts, and walking us through issues and problems.

To this day, we could have a software issue come up and give them a call, and there is always someone there to answer the phone. They will walk us through the problem, and most of the time it’s just a matter of a few minutes before we are back up and running. While in the past, when I was with other companies, it often would take days or even weeks to fix even small problems.

In any manufacturing process there are going to be issues that come up, but having that kind of support really helps set Breton apart.
Did Breton USA honor the promises we made during the sales cycle?
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Absolutely. There were things in the sale process that Gerry recommended we do, and we did them and they were good calls. For instance, he’d say, “You know I don’t think you really need that, you are just doing countertops. Instead of spending that money on such and such an accessory, I’d rather see you upgrade your software.” And he was right on target every time.
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Even today, I’ll call Gerry or someone else at Breton to ask a question, and if they don’t know the answer they will put me in touch with someone who does.
How was the installation process?
We have a Contoubreton NC260 and a Smart-Cut 550 Optima bridge saw. It’s been five years now, but the installation process was very smooth. We received a binder with step-by-step instructions that covered everything in great detail. Installing equipment costs a lot of money, so you can get a little nervous, but with Breton I knew the entire time we were installing the machines that it was being done correctly and with precision.
How about the training you received from Breton USA?
Following installation, Breton USA made sure we were trained and could run the machines on our own before they left. We definitely used the support line for the first six month on a very regular basis, but they were always very helpful and able to answer our questions. In fact, it’s been a little long now, but I event think they sent a tech back out to do some follow up training at a later date, just to make sure everything was where it needed to be.
Do you think that your relationship with Breton USA has benefitted your clientele?
Yes. I think having Breton equipment has allowed us to do things that are very, very precise. And, for us, that’s important. We are very meticulous in everything what we do and how we do it. We want that precision and accuracy to show in our finished projects, and it does. Our customers appreciate that and they come back again and again because we can deliver above and beyond what our competitors are capable of doing.
Do you find that jobs are easier to get out the door now that you are automated with Breton?
Absolutely, I think the equipment is second to none. I don’t think there is a better line of equipment on the market.
We’d like to thank Christopher Marques for taking the time to talk with us and for sharing his experiences owning and operating Breton equipment. We wish him and his company continued success in the years ahead!


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