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December, 15/2016
Client Spotlight: Interview with Max Marble & Granite Inc. Owner, Mr. Max Silva, Lake Worth, Florida
Our Breton USA Social Media Coordinator, Ms. Natalie Pieterse had the opportunity to meet with Mr. Max Silva, owner at MAX MARBLE & GRANITE INC., where we recently installed a new Combicut, and met for an exclusive in-person interview. Max Marble & Granite Inc. is located in LAKE WORTH, FLORIDA.

Thank you for taking the time to meet with me today Mr. Silva, please tell us about your company and the market area you service?

Max Marble & Granite was established in 2007, by my wife, Mrs. Luciana Silva, and I. We focus on custom residential and commercial work, mostly in South Florida. We have a total of 15 employees and a facility that is about fourteen thousand square feet. The new Combicut will allow us to serve even more customers!

Can you please tell us about your sales experience with Breton/Breton USA?

The Breton USA customer service is great! It is very easy to manage the machine, the program, the software, it is all fantastic. Anytime we had questions, the Breton USA customer service team answered us immediately. Mr. John Fallon was an excellent salesman, he answered all of my questions, and when they said it would be delivered in 6 months, my machine arrived exactly 6 months later.

How did you hear about Breton?

A friend from the same industry recommended Breton to us. The process went pretty quick, about a year and half ago I started looking for the perfect machine to add to my company. Finally, we got the Breton COMBICUT! After I saw the machine running for the first time in a video, I said; “This is it, this is what we need!” We went with Breton because of the quality, customer service and being able to get parts close by to us. Breton offers the Breton USA customer service in Sarasota, Florida, which is fantastic!

How was the installation process?

The Breton technician, Mr. Daniele De Nardi was a fantastic guy! My first impression when he walked in the facility wearing a shirt that said, “Quality First”, I said; This is it!” The techs worked every day, did amazing work, and made sure the machine was working perfectly. Training was easy and if you can operate a regular computer, you can learn the software on the machine with no problems.

Is there anything more you can point out about your experience that you think others considering Breton would benefit from knowing?

I was looking to purchase a CNC cutting machine and had looked at other brands as well, however some of them could cut, but could not do anything else to complete the job. As soon as I saw the COMBICUT, it was start to finish, high quality, completely finished, and time wise, much faster! Before I was running a manual machine, it was taking lots of time to cut and we wasted a lot of material. With the COMBICUT we avoided all of that waste cutting, and instead of a few hours with my old machine, I can do the same job now, in less than 30 minutes.

What was your overall impression about the quality of our equipment construction and its reliability?

It offered me much more than what I expected, as soon as I saw my first job being cut by the COMBICUT, I said, “Wow!”

How was your experience with our Service Department?

I am very happy with the service! I deal mostly with Mr. Stefano and Mr. Moreno, both great guys. I can call them and they have the answers, they get in the computer and get my machine running right away. There is nothing they have not been able to help me with.

Breton USA would like to thank Mr. Max Silva for taking the time to sit down and meet with us for this exclusive interview. We wish Mr. Silva continued success with Max Granite Inc. and a growing relationship with Breton USA!

Thank you


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