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February, 23/2017
Client Spotlight: Interview with Granex, Inc.
The Breton USA team had the pleasure of meeting with Mr. Raj Emandi; CEO of GRANEX, INC. for an exclusive in-person interview.

Tell me about your company?

My company is called Granex and we are located in Tampa, Florida. We are primarily into granite and marble processing, and import blocks from all over the world. We also buy blocks in the US and in Canada and we will process them into slabs of two and three cm’s and then we do finishes of polished, honed, and leather finish.

Any specialties?

Yes, in fact, we market the finishing product not only to the USA and Canada; we sell the products all over the world, like Central and South America. We are also targeting Eastern European countries and will export the finishing products from the USA.

How many employees?

At this present time, we have about 25 employees. We will be hiring more in the near future.

Can you tell me about some of the Top clients you work with?

Some of our top clients are Arizona Tile, MS International, Dal-Tile, and not just necessarily them; most of the distributors within USA and Canada come and buy from us. We also approach them to sell the product. Besides that, we do not have any specific clients.

How did you hear about Breton?

When we were about to start this industry, we decided we would shop around and looked at various machines in different parts of the world. After doing some research, we realized that Breton has good products.

How was your sales process with Breton USA?

I would say I am satisfied with the sales process, because when I first approached Breton in Italy, they put me in touch with the office in Sarasota, Florida. This is one of the plus points for me, being in Florida, it is very easy for me to contact the sales team. They have come and visited me several times in the process of finalizing the machines.

When did you first get involved with Breton?

About three years ago, when I first decided to go with this industry.

What concerns did you have before choosing Breton?

My main concerns were the after sales service. That is the most important thing for my industry.  Because we have only one of each machine, we must run the machines constantly. If there are any problems or questions, the service team needs to be reachable right away. The main advantage with Breton is that the sales and service team is here in the USA. Breton USA is right next to us in Sarasota, Florida, our neighbor.

When you first contacted Breton, what were your main needs?

My main needs were quality of the machines and the history of the machines, and we checked all those things. Then the main thing that attracted me to go with Breton was the after sales service in the USA, compared to a couple of other companies that we approached from Italy that do not have a service team in the US.

Did you have any concerns before choosing a Breton machine?

Yes, we had a concern with the pricing of the Breton machines compared to a couple of other companies, but we worked it out and negotiated, and I am satisfied with those things in the end.

How was the training in the Installation process?

Installation and training went very good, but there are some things that were a bit more difficult. Because we are in Florida, most of my employees that we hired are Hispanic. We had a little bit of difficulty with the training for them because the guys who came to train them from Breton are from Italy and Brazil. Some can’t speak Spanish and some could not even speak English.  That was the only concern for us. Everything else was alright.

As far as training goes, what level of Operator is required?

We do not need a highly skilled operator for these Breton machines. My Production Manager is a well experienced engineer. Other than that, most of the operators have their High School diplomas and are operating very well and have had no issues at all.

What has been your overall impression on the machines so far?

We are good. We are happy so far. Whenever we call the service department at Breton USA, they immediately answer. Mr. Moreno is usually who I deal with. He is a good guy, responds quickly to our calls, and will try to resolve any issues over the phone. If it is beyond his knowledge limit, he will contact Italy right away and get us an answer.

What is your overall impression of the quality of your equipment, reliability, and construction? Has it held up to the Breton standards in your opinion?

Yes. We are getting positive feedback from other people who see or hear we are using Breton machines, and they tell me I have the best machines.

Do you plan on purchasing any machines from Breton in the future?

Of course, yes! We are planning on purchasing a second Multi-Wire Saw, and obviously, we will be going with Breton.

Has the Sales Team delivered all their promises they made during the Sales process?

Yes, they fulfilled all their promises.
Breton USA would like to thank Mr. Raj Emandi for taking the time to sit down and meet with us for this exclusive interview. We wish Mr. Emandi continued success with Granex Inc. and a growing relationship with Breton USA!

Thank you.


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