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Natural Stone Machines
August, 24/2017
Client Spotlight – Interview with Distinctive Surfaces, LLC
Natural Stone Machines
Breton USA Marketing Coordinator recently had the opportunity to talk with Mr. Jon Rupert, Owner of Distinctive Surfaces, Inc. of Columbus, OH, for an exclusive interview. Here is what Mr. Rupert had to say about his experience owning Breton equipment for his company.
Tell us about your company?
Our company has 49 employees, and we service clients mainly within a 1.5 hour radius of Columbus, Ohio. We work with both contractors and homeowners, mostly in the residential market involving both new home construction and remodeling projects.
And how long has it been since you first started using Breton equipment?
Natural Stone Machines
Almost two years now.
What made you choose Breton and in what ways has Breton impacted your business?
I’ll admit that I was a little concerned by the cost at first, but I was impressed by Breton’s reputation for quality and customer service. And the more I talked with your sales team, the more convinced I became that Breton was the right choice for us. We were growing pretty quickly at the time, and it was hard to find skilled labor. Breton allowed us to shift from the way we were manufacturing to a more automated system, and that really improved our quality.
Did Breton USA honor the promises we made during the sales cycle?
Natural Stone Machines
Absolutely. Breton kept me in the loop every step of the way — from ordering to shipping to installation. We received great training, and ever since the equipment was installed, it has performed just as described. We couldn’t be happier.
Which Breton machines do you own and how easy are they to use?
We own two Contourbreton NC300 K26’s, and they are very easy to operate, even for high school grads. Plus, the reliability is really good. We never worry if the machines are going to work. When we turn them on, we know they are going to work. And that’s important.
Do you think that your relationship with Breton has benefitted your clientele?
Natural Stone Machines
Oh yeah. We couldn’t be here today without automation, and Breton helped us every step of the way. Plus, the quality coming from the machines is consistent day in and day out. We don’t have to rely on anything other than a machine to get it out. So our clients are very happy with our quality and they know that they can expect top quality work from us.
Is there anything else you would like to add?
The only thing I would add is that for anyone concerned about Breton being an Italian company and  whether that means they will receive slower or less capable customer service, they shouldn’t be. You guys have an office that’s welcoming, staff that is always there on the phone, and more technicians in the United States than I ever realized.



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