Aerospace & Defense Summit Seattle 2016 (A&DSS)

March, 14/2016
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Seattle, Washington State
Aerospace & Defense Summit Seattle 2016 (A&DSS)
Our National Sales Manager, Mr. Daniel Rochowiak along with International Area Sales Manager; Mr. Aldo Salvaneschi of Breton S.p.A.-Italy will be attending this summit in Seattle, Washington State on April 14th and 15th.

A&DSS is an opportunity for leaders in the aerospace industry to collaborate with potential industry partners and representatives from Boeing and other companies. Once the selection process to request meetings opens on March 29th, both Mr. Rochowiak and Mr. Salvaneschi will review and put in requests to meet specific companies. Breton USA’s objective is to meet and interact with companies who may directly or indirectly utilize Breton machine tool machinery. Many companies opt to use supply chain management companies where the direct path to the end user is sometimes filtered through various avenues. Our goal is to determine which companies may apply for future opportunities with Breton USA.

In 2014, the event had 11,000 meetings pre-arranged for industry leaders, 40 countries were represented and 900 companies participated. This year, there will be thematic workshops that will either focus on products or technologies throughout the day and a few large OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) will exclusively provide sessions on the OEMs supply chain strategies.

Breton is the proud producer of 3,4,5, and 6 axis precision high speed machines, designed for material designations from Foam, Composite sandwich layups through Aluminum, Steel and Super Alloys. The A&DSS is the perfect venue for Breton to discuss the new technologies in its product line, as well as new innovations in the market and materials that are being approached to both further high speed material removal, along with frequency cutting applications.

As the ADSS is a B2B event, and many companies do not attend, please accept this as our invitation for you to contact BRETON USA. We will assist  if you have any questions, and glad to explain the many benefits and economics of  utilizing BRETON Machine Tools.”


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