Matrix 800 has Officially Launched!

October, 31/2019
At EMO exhibition, the fourth generation of the machining center that has marked our evolution was finally launched!
A machine footprint is often a critical issue for customers. The space in a company represents cost and often old machines, whose strokes are perhaps reduced compared to current needs, must be replaced. In order to solve this problem, we decided to maximize the ratio between machine size and axis stroke, focusing on what we call footprint efficiency ratio. As usual, our new machine projects are confirmed only when this ratio is at least 25% higher than the value of our competitor's best product.

The machine develops transversally for multiple reasons: customers’ preferences (83% of users prefer machines with transverse layouts), the possibility of placing the machine’s back against the wall, improvement of visibility for the operator and possibility of delivering it already assembled.

The general layout has been conceived to maximize space and, therefore, meet customers’ needs. For example, a dedicated area placed in the back of the machine has been created to place cooling and coolant filtration systems. The chip discharging system has been placed in front to reduce the machine footprint and to simplify chip containers emptying. On the machine side, you can also find the electrical cabinets and the tool stores. 

High Precision
All our machining centers including the new Matrix 800 aim for the highest level of precision for the segment in which it is positioned. In order to reach the required quality level, we used several cutting-edge technological solutions.

The whole structure is thermo-symmetrical to evenly respond to temperature variations: since it expands evenly in all directions, it keeps the precision high.

The optical scales are symmetrically centered as near as possible to the guides in order to obtain even higher precision.

Our patented Thermal Shield technology considerably improves thermal expansion control and reduces structural deformations without using expensive cooling systems. This technology creates an advanced thermal coat that keeps the temperature between structures and workpieces as stable as possible.

The innovative Matrix 800 electronic stabilization systems monitor temperatures and any expansion on workpieces, synchronizing them with those of the machine structures. Even the RAM, with a section of 450 x 450 mm, is among the sturdiest in its category. It is fixed to the carriage by means of 6 roller pads, three per side, in order to support all the efforts and ensure a high movement speed.

Minimized Operating Costs
During the design phase, we paid great attention to what really counts for the customer, eliminating or standardizing minor features but focusing on aspects that bring added value. The lubrication of kinematics and mechanisms has been totally redesigned, by replacing the traditional systems with an advanced distributing system that eliminates the most common problems such as dirt, stains on parts and dangerous vapors as well as high maintenance and operating costs.

The entire cooling system of the Matrix 800 is static so that the customer does not waste one kW. Where other manufacturers use expensive cooling and ventilation systems, we have decided to intervene with special technical solutions, such as the thermo-symmetrical structures and the Thermal Shield.

A clean machine is known to last much longer. For this reason, the work area is covered with modular stainless-steel panels that not only keep themselves cleaner but also remain virtually unchanged over time, even if continuously exposed to dust and chips. Combined with the efficient chip discharging system, they allow the work area to be kept free of chip build-ups and safe for operators, who will be able to devote their time to much more profitable activities.
The version dedicated to the Mold & Die market includes the use of the Typhoon orthogonal head with electro-spindle ranging from 52 to 137 Nm and from 16,000 to 28,000 rpm. This version is equipped with a system for chip discharge with screw conveyors that push the material coming from both sides of the table towards the front conveyor belt. The customer has total freedom to choose the tool store to be installed in combination with our tool changer for the management of pre-selected tools and the reduction of times.

Matrix 800 is designed and tested with both suppliers of the most advanced CNC systems so that its features can enhance the functions provided by the electronics, improving the precision and finish of the machined parts. It can, therefore, be equipped with both the latest version of the Heidenhain numerical control and the brand-new Siemens Sinumerik One control, of which we have been co-developers and partners selected for the launch.
Matrix 800 is also the right choice for those who need to machine high-precision composite parts. The sturdiness of the machine allows high dynamic machining with unequaled precision. For these applications, the configurations provide for a wide range of special accessories includes a dust extraction system on the spindle nose and/or on the table rim (environmental) combined with high protection of the mechanical parts of the machine through the pressurization systems of the drives, heads, and spindles; this has always distinguished our machines guaranteeing reliability and durability over time. Additionally, thanks to the experience acquired in the most particular and complex applications, it is possible to implement innovative and highly efficient solutions in the filtration of the coolant used in composite processes.
The third version is dedicated to the Aerospace market, where the machine is calibrated to provide maximum performance in high removal of aluminum or for milling of rolled steel and titanium. The Matrix 800 is thus equipped with a fork head, available in the Ghibli, Phoenix or Tornado models, and with enhanced chip discharging systems, as well as with particularly efficient fume extraction systems.

In these aerostructure installations our Accuthick and Advanced Countersink technologies are perfectly combined: the first is dedicated to the "lightening" of structures and laminates where it is essential to ensure a constant and precise final thickness, while the second is dedicated to the adaptive correction of the angle and depth of drilling/countersinking.



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