2017 Machine Tools Sales Meeting

Meeting Room
Vice President, Gianrico Fillippetto's Presentation
The Breton USA Team
April, 28/2017
2017 Machine Tools Sales Meeting
On March 9th and 10th, Breton USA had the pleasure of hosting the 2017 Machine Tools Sales Agent Meeting. This two day event was held in the home office city of Sarasota, Florida.

In conjunction with Breton S.p.A., this occasion was a great opportunity to expand sales markets and highlight new technological developments in the Breton Machine Tools Division.

Breton’s newest machine tool developments were presented by the guests from Italy: the Area Sales Manager; Mr. Aldo Salvaneschi, the Sales Engineer Manager; Mr. Gabriele Corletto, and the Machine Tools Operative Marketing Chief; Mr. Luca Tagarelli.

In addition, contributing to the presentations were Breton USA’s Vice President; Mr. Gianrico Filippetto, and the Breton USA National Sales Manager; Mr. Daniel Rochowiak.

Also in attendance were Breton USA’s Machine Tools Technical Service Coordinator; Mr. Guido Voi, Breton USA’s General Manager; Ms. Kimberly Balychev, the Marketing & Events Coordinator; Mrs. Karla Baez Ocasio and the Social Media Coordinator; Ms. Rose Panik.

Breton USA would like to thank its amazing Sales Team who gathered from all over the USA and Canada to participate to this Sales Meeting: Ross Machinery, Selway Machine Tools, Elliott Canada, VMC Technologies, and Stone Machinery CNC Machine Tools.

Their agents’ valuable participation, feedback, and receptiveness to the new and existing developments is what made this event a true success. The information shared during this training will help to drive sales and propel the machine tools division forward, expanding sales coverage to new markets!

Last but not least, the Sales Team and the Breton USA home office Team got together for a wonderful dinner in downtown Sarasota.

It was a great opportunity for the agents and office staff to meet in-person, strengthen their professional relationships, and enjoy authentic Italian cuisine.

Breton USA looks forward to hosting this event again in the future!

Until next time… Arrivederci!


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