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Breton's 5-axis mill turn machine, the Maxima is the perfect solution for turning, milling, boring, and tapping workpieces with complex 3D components used in the aeronautical, energy, and precision engineering industries. A single machine for transforming raw materials into a finished product minimizing workpiece repositioning times. 

These new Breton mill and turn machining centers are powerful and dynamic due to the robust structure and milling/turning table available in diameters up to 3,000 mm with an operational torque of up to 28,000 Nm and 12,000 kg capacity. 

Maxima has a choice of configurations allowing you to perform complex machining jobs with maximum flexibility performance and efficiency with work ranges spanning from 2500x2500x1200 mm up to 1000x3500x2000 mm and over. The linear axes in the Maxima range can reach speeds of up to 60 m/min and table rotational speed up to 500 rpm. 


This range incorporates an automatic head changeover system and six interpolated axes making these machines highly flexible when performing milling, turning, and vertical turning operations. For milling operations only the entire work are is exploited.

The 5-axis milling head with continuous C-axis rotation, A-axis rotation up to 135
° mounts spindles with a torque output of a maximum of 1300 Nm and can be positioned at any angle and is locked in place by powerful hydraulic brakes. 

These important features further enhance these centers in terms of operational versatility and overall machine performance.  Special heads are available for internal and external turning operations. 

Machining and finishing precision is guaranteed due to the limited geometric tolerances, thermal stability, and the implementation of a specific software for compensating spindle thermal expansion and drifts which occur when machining and production conditions vary. 
The range of electro-spindles enhance the Maxima range of machining centers by satisfying specific production requirements. 

M 1000/06 is a 100 kW electro-spindle with continuous 100 Nm torque in S1, rotational speed up to 6,000 rpm - this offers maximum machining performance and efficiency for intensive machining of steel and superalloys from rough milling to precision finishing operations. 

M 300/14 is a 75 kW electro-spindle with continuous 300 Nm torque in S1, rotational speed 14,000 rpm and offers maximum machining performance of materials such as steel and aluminum from rough milling to precision finishing operations. 

M 51/28 is a 40 kW electro-spindle with a 51 Nm continuous torque in S1 and 28,000 rpm making it the ideal choice for high speed machining requirements for steel and light alloy from rough milling to precision surface finishing operations. 


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