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  • Titan

    Machine Type: High power vertical machining centre, with 5 axes
    Job Type: Milling
    Piece Size: Medium to Very Large
    Type of Industry: aerospace, marine, prototype, models & molds
    Available Models: Titan 1500 K40/60/80/100/120, Titan 1700 K40/60/80/100/120

    TITAN is a highly dynamic 5 interpolated axis milling center with a moving portal making it the perfect solution for intensive milling operations, high-speed machining of titanium, super alloys, high alloy steel, steel alloys and light alloys. This machining center is designed for machining complex 3-D workpieces which require various operations as milling, boring and tapping satisfying the production requirements across a broad range of applications in the aeronautical, energy, die manufacturing and precision engineering industries.

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