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Natural Stone » Block Cutting

  • Fuego Multiaxis

    This new Breton machine is designed for cutting blocks and billets using a diamond wire, ideal for producing cylindrical/tapered columns, casings for columns, shaped and rough-hewed components for interior decoration through the interpolation of up to 10 axes. Equipped with a moving trolley, the Fuego allows to perform complex profiles such as: cylindrical columns and conical shells for covering columns, templates for furniture, stairs and frames. This machine has on each column a cart and two pulleys of 1000 mm diameter, and works with wire tilted +/- 20 ° blocks with a height up to 1.800mm. The two carriages move independently of each other, reaching the ground level of less than 30 cm. In the case of parallel wire, the distance between the diamond wire and the support base of the carrying trolley is 2,200 mm.


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