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  • Ultrix

    Machine Type: High speed multipurpose vertical machining center, with 4 or 5 axes
    Job Type:
     Milling, horizontal and vertical turning and grinding
    Piece Size: Small & Medium
    Industry Type: aerospace, automotive, prototype, models & molds
    Available Models: Ultrix 800/800 RT, Ultrix 1000/1000 RT

    The Ultrix machines are multitask 4/5-axis machining centers with a vertical spindle, rotary tilting table, mobile crossbeam and gantry structure. This range includes various models: 800 4-axis, 800 RT and Ultrix 1000 and 1000 RT HD. The table rotates around the C axis and reaches speeds of 100 rpm for milling operations  and up to 1000 rpm for turning operations.  The A tilting axis can reach speeds of 50 rpm.  The linear axes travel at speeds of 60 m/min.  As the Ultrix multitask centers offer a number of different machining operations in one center  –  turning, milling, boring and grinding  – downtimes for workpiece repositioning are eliminated.  The vertical design of these Breton machining centers is the ideal solution for machining workpieces with diameters greater than the height of the piece.

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