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Machine Tools » Composites & Resins

  • Eagle

    Machine Type: High speed vertical machining center with 5 axes
    Job Type:
     Milling, trimming, routing & drilling
    Piece Size: Small to Very Large
    Industry Type: aerospace, automotive, prototype, models & molds
    Available Models: Eagle 1000/2T K20/30/45/80/105, Eagle 1400/2T K20/30/45/80/105, Eagle 1600/2T K30/45/80/105, Eagle 2000/2T K30/45/80/105, Eagle 2500/2T K30/45/80/105

    BRETON launches EAGLE, a new range of machining centers with a gantry design and highly-dynamic mobile crossbeam specifically designed and developed for machining composite materials, resin, light alloys and the ideal solution for high-speed production requirements and for precision 5-axis milling operations on the five faces of the workpiece in just one setup. EAGLE has choice of configurations allowing you to perform complex machining jobs with maximum flexibility, performance and efficiency with work ranges spanning from 2000x2500x1000 mm to 10500x5000x2500 mm and over.

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