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  • Flymill

    Machine Type: High speed vertical machining center, with 5 axes
    Job Type: Milling
    Piece Size: Medium to Very Large
    Industry Type: aerospace, marine, prototype, models & molds
    Available Models: Flymill 1000/2T DD K20/30/45/60/80, Flymill 1300/2T DD K20/30/45/60/80, Flymill 1600/2T DD K20/30/45/60/80, Flymill 2000/2T DD K45/60/80

    The 5-axis FLYMILL range of machining centrer offers four models – FLYMILL 1000, 1300, 1600 and 2000. The main difference between the models is vertical and horizontal travel – 2,500mm, 4,000mm and 3,500mm – whereas longitudinal travel spans from 2,000mm to 8,000mm and over.

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